Friday, February 24, 2017

Special Eaton Bubbleback from 1946

I have been collecting vintage Rolex bubbleback for more then 25 years and this is a special Rolex made for Eaton department store. What is unusal for the Eaton watch is that it is in the Rolex bubbleback format. Moreover, it comes with the framed certificate to Mr. Timothy C. Eaton heir grandson of the Eaton family who was named after the founder Timothy Eaton. 

The watch dates to 1946. I have two Eaton watches in gold format from the 1950s hand wind & another from the 1960s automatic. This  watch from 1946 will fit in nicely in the collection. I am hoping to find a 1930s Eaton Prince to complete this small theme. Hope I can find one soon!

Having broken my own rules for one newly acquired watch in and one old one out, I will need to let go some watches in order to balance the quantities. Luckily, I have managed to let go one KS and I am in the process of letting go a GS too...

Eagerly waiting for this lovely bubbleback to arrive! 

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