Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Rado Balboa goldstone dials X 2

I really need to train up my patience and the capacity to accept or tolerate delay and wait. In my eagerness to find the Rado Balboa gold stone dial, I have now ended up in two of the same. I have found the first one on Yahoo Japan webpage but the seller refused to sell overseas even by Buyee. As a result, I have asked my Ninja J to help. I ahve never used their service before and didnt knowhow it works really.

Later on, I have managed to find one in Bangkok outskirts and I have asked my assistance Khun Pan to help negotiate for it owing to language barrier. In the end , I have managed to confirmed with the help of Khun Pan. However, during the process, Ninja J has also managed to help secured the first watch from Japan telling me that they have won the bid. Since I have already committed earlier, I shall therefore honor the commitment. Now, I am awaiting for the watch to be sent from Japan..

Anyone needs one can email me. Or if you have other coloured dials, we can swap...

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