Thursday, December 12, 2013

Grand Seiko 6146 8000 : 2nd generation

After some research, I have finally went into the world of Grand Seiko. This is from 1969 Dec with the famous hi beat 36000 day date movement. The price that I have managed to find is about 25% cheaper then the market rates from a nice collector who is working besides my apartment block.

I was told by the Seiko collector that the beauty of this watch is in the nice case edges. One should not find those that is over polished. 

Moreover, the day date function has to be careful as there is no spare parts for the day ring..
Another great feature lies in the back case goldGS hallmark. The Matt finished means its original while a shinning finish means that the case has been overly polished..

Will be wearing this Grand Seiko to Nagoya and hopefully can attract more Grand Seiko... Life is wonderful!

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