Sunday, January 15, 2012

The search for Rolex 8171

One of the ironies of collecting vintage Rolex is that the failed and unpopular models of the past become the highly collectable watches today. The 8171 was a failure in the 1950s as sales were poor and demand small. I have recently come across a nice vintage 1952 triple Calendars plus Moonphase 8171. The dial has aged evenly and has shown signs of aging, but the dial is all original.
In addition, a couple of weeks back, I have seen two 8171 in a shop, one solid gold with non original dial and one steel with reconditioned dial. Given the fact that the 8171 is a non oyster watch, many of the dials are either reconditioned or aged.
My preference is always on the need for original dial as the 1952 watch needs to have a 1952 dial and not a reconditioned 2011 dial. I have always dream of the 8171 and in the late 1980s, I was offered one but as a young undergraduate, I was unable to afford one. The 8171 is a Large watch at 38mm during the 1950s. In today's standard where larger watches are in the trend, the 8171 still find its relevant and is still a subject of great desire..
Luckily, life is full of hope and dream...

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