Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rolex 81806

There are some who question whether there is such a watch called Rolex 81806 Moonphase chronograph. From the net and auction sites, I can find the following records. Produced in 12 examples only, in the 1950's. A simIlar watch is published in 'A time to watch' by J. Zagoory and H. Chan, page 141. On the other hand, there are web discussion who has said that there is no such model.

For me, whether Rolex ever produces such a watch is not important as I am not a dealer. Moreover, unlike Patek Philippe who has records of their past watches, Rolex don't have a clear record of their history and is not interested in repairing and servicing of their vintage watches. Moreover, many of their service centers have poor knowledge of their vintage collection.

For me, the 81806 watch is an interesting watch as it represents a high level of complications (during the 1950s) even though it may not have been produced by Rolex. It is an interesting watch as it as a chronograph function, calendars and Moonphase functions. It's a nice after dinner talking piece! After all, watch collecting is a hobby to bring fun and joy. : ) have fun!

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