Saturday, January 14, 2012

Collection of Rolex

Collecting vintage watches can be an enjoyable hobby. However, it also means having to make sacrifices. For example, in order to collect vintage watches, I will have to forego many other things ( e.g taking bus in Hong Kong instead of getting a car to drive, no buying of fanciful clothes, no fanciful restaurants and simple dinners, etc). However, the joy of finding those precious watches are beyond words. For me, buying these vintage watches is also a form of "forced saving" as currencies tend to depreciate while vintage watches tends to appreciate in prices after several years owing to scarcity.

Very often, I do streamline my watch collection by changing the direction of collecting. One example is that I sold away my entire collection of vintage Omega (all kind of sea master, speed master, constellation, Dynamic, Omega Moonphase cosmic,) in order to focus on vintage Rolex. In addition, I have also sold away my vintage hifi gears, my vintage radio collection, and many collectables in order to collect watches.

After over 20 years of vintage watch collecting (since 1988) my watch numbers have not grown much. This is largely due to my one in one out policy. My current core collections are the Rolex bubblebacks, Prince, 6062, 8171, 6202, 5508, 1655, 1016, red 1680, gilt dial 5513, 6239, 6263, two Breguet type XX, some cloisonné dials watches, military ( jaeger lecoultre, Laco Pilot, Lemania).


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