Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Vintage watches are Good investment

Initially, I was hoping to streamline and tighten my watch collection to two to three categories. However, I was unable to resist getting and learning about other brands and varieties of watches. My collection has now includes the Rolex and Tudor, some vintage Omega, Vintage Seiko, Vintage Military, Moonphase watch and Divers watches and some special dial watches. I have attempted to reduce the varieties with Project RT but failed.

Nevertheless, I think collecting a varieties of vintage watches may not be a bad idea as one could spread out the portfolio and reduces the risks when one needs to sell one day. In retrospect, Vintage watches are good investment. Look at the recent ebay transactions on the Seiko 6217 and the Benrus Type 1 military where the prices have escalated. For me, its also a form of forced saving.

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