Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Rolex Eaton bubbleback fully serviced

I am glad that my stainless steel Eaton Rolex bubbleback is back from complete overhaul and service after seating in the cupboard for 50+ years. My watch maker has updated me that the rotor, mainspring etc are all original and nothing has been changed except the back cover rubber that is used for water proof.

I have started my vintage watch collection in 1988 with the Rolex bubbleback and after so many years, I still love this simple watch and even thought its size is only 32mm (small for todays standard), it is a very comfortable watch to wear and for everyday use. Now this bubbleback is united with the other bubbleback.

The boom in interest in vintage Rolex is fascinating for having been largely autonomous as Rolex as a watch company does not seems to care or not only did Rolex not have anything to do with it, the company rather charmingly didn't seem to know what to make of it at first. Only recently years, Rolex seems to revive their old collection into the new. Patek Philippe on the other hand provides Archive paper for all their vintage collection.

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