Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Seiko Bullhead III 6138 0040 5Sports SpeedTimer (Brown/Red);

Previously when I was collecting vintage Seiko Divers, I have seen several Seiko bullhead passing by. As I was not a chronograph collectors, I tended to neglect them. With the blue black Bullhead, it is natural for me to move and try to collect the brown version as well. When one first look at the watch, one will be very often be "put off" by the unique (or weird?) design. However, when one put a bullhead on one's wrist, I can guarantee you that your perception will changed. My perceptions have changed totally and I am truly in love with these weird monsters now.

There are 3 brown versions namely:

1. With Seiko 5Sports SpeedTimer" at the top of the dial (Made for Japanese Domestic Market).

2. With SpeedTimer at the Top of dial (SpeedTimer Bullhead variants were those produced for the Japanese Domestic Market. They were sold in Japan and the surrounding areas).

3. With Chronograph Automatic Bullheads produced for the rest of the world wore the standard "Chronograph Automatic" markings (can be marked either as "6138-0049" or "6138-0040" depending again on what market the watch was originally sold in).

Last night, I have managed to find my first brown Seiko from Japan. The overall condition is good except some scratches at the bezel with the correct yellow Tachymeter word and dots with silver numerals. This is one that is made for the Japan Domestic Market with the Seiko 5Sports SpeedTimer at the top of the dial. It has the correct hands that have no lume on the hour/minute hands as well as the correct maroon colour sweep second chronometer hand.

Unlike vintage Rolex, these are very affordable vintage watches and real value for money. It will not burn a hole in your pocket. Find one and wear them and you will agree with what I say.


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