Monday, April 03, 2017

Seiko Bullhead II 6138 0040 (Blue/Black)

Despite the capturing of market share by the Japanese quartz and digital watches, in the late 1960’s into the mid-1970’s, things were clearly becoming more progressive and in alignment with a global craze for all things motor sport, a new style of watch namely the Seiko Bullhead was born. The Seiko Bullhead was produced, principally, in two dial variants. The black/blue version was made alongside a brown/gold edition. Both models were sold until 1979, which also happened to be the last year of production for the automatic chronograph movement, the 6138.

I am not a serious chronograph watch collector. However, I have always wanted to find a Seiko Bullhead but the often "used conditions" put me off. Nevertheless, the Seiko 6138-0040 Bullhead because of its unique design and its going against the norm (non round or rectangular shape watches) making it too fun to deny. I have bought another nice condition one for my everyday use as below. You can see the slight fading of the dial as well as scratches. The Bullhead Seiko has the chronograph controls sit atop the watch instead of the more customary right side of the watch and the rationale for this placement is to avoid accidental engagement of the pushers.

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