Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Rolex Ref 1803 President (Day/Date) Pie Pan Taupe faded browish polar dial

Rolex Ref 1803 President  Day/Date Pie Pan Dial  Faded Browish Polar Dial

Hello 2017!

I have promised myself to keep the number of vintage watches down for the year 2017. As such, the focus shall be on upgrading on existing watches by way of the upgrade of dial.  Originally, I was looking at an exotic Ox Blood dial but the price is so high! I will keep this as a later project..

For now, luckily, I have managed to find a Rolex Ref 1803 President  Day/Date Pie Pan dial  in Taupe beige-brown colour dial (with white print) faded polar dial for my 1803, At a certain angle, one cannot see the wordings thereby giving the loud watch a low profile. I am lucky to find the original Chinese calendars discs as well.

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