Monday, January 23, 2017

1950s Breguet Type XX by Hodinkee

There is another nice article on Type XX by Hodinkee,,..

Please see :

There are Type XX's and then there are watches that dealers call type XX's.  This, friends, is a legitimate and seemingly original Type XX from Breguet.  It went into service in 1954, was sent into service a handful of times, and then decommissioned in 1980, all of which you can tell by the caseback engravings.  This watch has an original UNSIGNED dial (as it should be), true to form onion crown, and a case in nice clean shape.  The folks at ClassicWatch are asking about $14k for it, which considering how many crappy wanna-be Type XX's sell for the same range, isn't too bad (we think, but again, onus is completely on you to do your research).  (Original Listing)

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