Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Rado Starline 999

Rado Starliner 999

I am into Day date watch after collecting the Rolex 1803 recently. I came across this Rado Starliner 999 form the late 1960s- early 70s and I have decided to trade my Mido for this. The back case has the Rado water shealed and 3 sea horses logo and markings 11778-T while the dial features a rotating anchor as well as with open windows for day date. The rotating Anchor logo has been used in Rado automatic watches since 1958. The case masures 43MM LUG TO LUG X 37MM without crown making it an attractive sizes compares to the other vintage Rado.This model is perhaps made for the Far East market. 

Vintage watch collecting should be fun and this is my attepmpt to bring back the fun element in collecting and learning something new. Many collectors often neglect Rado watch collection but I find it interesting as they have many unique dial designs..

Advertisement from 1967


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