Monday, December 12, 2016

Rolex 16800 Tiffany & Co


Rolex vintage watch collecting is a challenge especially since the early Rolex watches dials were done by different dial manufacturers making standization a challenge. We have to remember that during the early years Rolex brand is not as big as it is today. Moreover, during the 1960-70s, the Swiss watch industry was being threatehned by the Japanese digital watches and were at a brink of extinction.

Having been working with the Swiss watch industry for more then 10 years, I have gathered sufficient understanding with regards to how it work. Many of the top brands in the 1960-90s were using subcontractor for their watch nands, dials, bracelets as well as for cases. As such, even with the dial design, there are much variations depending on the dial manufacturers.

The Tiffany & Co dial has always been a subject of contraversies and discussion. As such, I have decided to send in my Rolex 16800 watch for a complete service and the Rolex Center has acknowledge it as legitimate dial and have key the watch details into their system for the updated records. If the dial is good for Rolex center, it is good for me as the brand ultimately belongs to them.

It has put my mind at ease as I now can confirm that my 16800 watch with Tiffany wording dial has a record with them and verified so that in the long future, in the event that my son wants to sell it away, at least the new buyer can have some records to keep. 

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