Saturday, December 03, 2016

Lemania “Majetek Vojenske Spravy” military watch

Lemania “Majetek Vojenske Spravy” watch

This is my second piece of Lemania military as I have sold one away a few years back. “Majetek Vojenske Spravy” stands for “property of the military administration”: it is cleanly written all over the caseback, with a unique number, usually 3 or 4 digits. This watch was never sold to the general public, there are no markings on the dial so collectors call it the “Lemania Majetek”. This watch was a model used by the Czech Air Force (CAF), during late 1930 and mid 1940 and was produced by three different manufacturers at the time. Longines, Lemania and Eterna. There is some variations between the brands (Longines Majetek was distinctive with its coin-edge bezel and Cathedral hands), the Longines also had a turning bezel. There are two sizes of watch cases, the smaller 37mm and the larger of ~39mm. 

Finally found one back after several years of searching...

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