Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Goodbye 2016

Its coming to the end of the year and time for some reflection and refinement of my watch collection.

My top 11 star buy for the year 2016 are:

1. Rolex Eaton (Nov 2016)
Found my first winding Eaton more then 20 years ago and now managed to find an automatic version from Canada.

2. Rolex Explorer gilt tropical dial (Oct 2016)
Love the Tropical colour!

3. Rolex 5508 gilt dial (2016)
The gilt dial for 5508 gave it a unique feature!

4. Rolex 5501 gilt dress Explorer (Oct 2016)
A dressed watch Explorer but with a unique gilt dial!

5. Rolex Pink gold top DJ (Oct 2016)
This is my extra..

6. ZRC Type II & 7. ZRC Spartiale
A little deviation from my norm

8. Omega made for Kim II Sung
A hostorical timepiece !

9. Lemania military (December 2016)

10. Rolex 6564 Gilt dial pie pan dial (Dec 2016)

11. Rolex 1803
Last minute find

Looking at the huge nos of watches I have accumulated over the years, there will be a need for me to do a reduction exercise next year as it has become complicated to manage and service the watches. That will be the project for 2017 to reduce the quantities by at least 30% target.

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