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Rolex 1016 Gilt dial

The fun part of the hobby of vintage watch collection is that you will never know what you will find when you visit the flea market, meet the collectors or visit the antique shops. Initially, I was looking to add a 1675 into my watch collection.
This evening, in order to streamline my watch collection, I have to trade my Rolex bubbleback + Lemania WW2 military + JLC WW2 Military + cash for a vintage Rolex 1016 Gilt dial. What is the most important is that the watch was produced the year of my birth..haha, life is good!
This is my third gilt dial Rolex with the first being the Gilt dial 6202 turn-o-graph, and second, the sub Rolex 5513 gilt. Given the temptation of the gilt dial, the 1675 will have to wait..

Just some additional facts of the Explorer from the net.
According to information published in the book, "Rolex Wristwatches -- The Best of Time," by James Dowling and Jeffrey Hess, there are a flew variations in the Explorer.
The ref. #6610 Explorer was introduced in 1959 to replace the previous Explorer model, the ref. #6150, and it was subsequently replaced in 1963 by the ref. #1016 Explorer. All of these models are very similar in appearance, but use different movements.
The ref. #6150 models use a calibre A.296 movement (one of the last "bubbleback" derivatives), while ref. #6610 models use a calibre 1030 movement, and ref. #1016 models use calibres 1560 and 1570 movements.
According to Rolex, calibre A.296 movements were produced from 1950 through 1955, calibre 1030 movements were produced from 1950 through 1957, and calibres 1560 and 1570 movements were produced from 1965 through 1967 and 1979 respectively. The calibres 1560 and 1570 are essentially identical, except for the number of vibrations per hour of their balances; the 1560 calibres are 18,000 beat, while 1570 calibres are 19,800 beat.

I believe the Rolex Gilt dial 1016 Explorer 1 should be from the early 1960- to perhaps 1966-68. Given the relatively "smaller" size, it is also one of the more affordable sports series after the Thunderbird. For those of you who may want to invest in vintage watches, the 1016 is a good consideration as the Sea dweller, sub, Gmt, Daytona's prices are already on the high sides, leaving more room for these under values watches to appreciate in prices. In addition, the sizes of these watches are 36mm making them nice to wear watch, and you can even wear them as a "dress" watch for work and meeting.

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