Sunday, June 26, 2011

Vintage steel Rolex

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Location:Gilstead Rd,,Singapore

Sports models

Tudor ranger & Explorer 1

Collection of submariners

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Vintage Breguet type xx

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Vintage submariner ad

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Stars love watches

Robert Redford wearing 1680

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Patek reunion 09/90, 3433, 2552, 2526, 3445

Happy Patek reunion 09/90, 3433, 2552, 2526, 3445

This evening, I have decided to take a family photo of the PPs. Despite having the similar movements for the 2552 and the 2526, the 2526 seems to be fatter. My friend has asked me why I love all these old vintage items and the reason is very simple.

My grand parents were poor migrants from Hainan island and my dad has completed his University education via government scholarship. As such during the 1950s-60s where housing was key, the priority will never be in these luxury items, which are not basic necessities. They have made a living from hardwork and I am grateful!

With the improve livelihood, my generations are able to afford some of these luxury, which is a real blessings! I am so glad that these watches have been well taken care by their previous owners. Hopefully, these watches can be part of my family heirloom that can be passed down from one generation after the other. I really like Patek's slogan as you never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation. How true!

The joy of finding these beauties are beyond words. The reading and research, the hunt and the bargain... What a wonderful world!

  • Patek Rectangular using 09/90 movement
  • PP 2526 using 12-600AT First generation automatc movement (Enemal dial)
  • PP2552 using 12-600 AT First generation automatic movement (flying saucer)
  • PP3433 using 27-460 Second generation automatic movement
  • PP 3445 using 27-460 Second generation automatic movement (with date)
  • PP3940 using Cal 240Q (Auromatic Perpetual calendar)

One day, the Patek moonphase 3940 & 3448 shall join the Patek family...soon!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Patek 2526 dial types

Patek automatic movement: First (12-600AT) versus second (27-460) generation

The 12-600AT and 27-460 are the two best automatic movement with 18k automatic rotors. From the design point of view, the first generation using 12-600 calibre is the most beautiful movement.

 27-460 (Second generation movement)

Monday, June 20, 2011


专家根据目前的市场情况,我们推荐的有收藏价值的手表 :

1912年 摩凡陀生产“polypian”手表

  1927年 浪琴生产“Lindbergh hourangle”手表

  1928年 劳力士“prince”推出医用表

  1935年 高路云生产“curvex”手表

  1936年 宇宙推出“compax”计时表

  1948年 欧米茄推出“seamaster”手表

  1953年 百达翡丽推出“ref.2526”自动手表

  1954年 宝玑推出“type xx”手表

  1955年 上海手表厂推出17钻手表

  1970年 劳力士推出“ref.6239”计时码表

  1972年 江诗丹顿推出“1972”手表

  1972年 爱彼推出“royal oak”手表



  古董手表不是越古老的就越好、越值钱,决定古董手表的身价的主要因素有四: 1.数量 2.年代〈历史的价值〉 3.艺术的表达能力〈艺术的价值〉 4.市场的流通价值〈拍卖行情〉。兹分别阐述如下:

  1. 数量:a.原创稀有性 b.存世量。

  2. 年代:a.历史原创的价值 b.典故的价值。

  3. 艺术表达能力:a.时代经典美学(代表性) b.复杂功能的工艺(独特性、复杂性) c.创新与风格〈开创性〉

  4. 市场的流通价值:品牌是否具有足够的收藏名声及份量,能变成“流行”的古董,活跃流通于拍卖市场。


  自古以来,“艺术的表达能力”最能由各大品牌的经典表款看出端倪,经典的表款具备原创的造型、原创的自制机芯、简约、精致、流行内涵等等;手表史中最著名的名家杰作有:百达翡丽的Calatrava、劳力士的Oyster、 欧米茄的Constellation、 积家的Reverso、 卡地亚的Tank 、爱彼的Royal Oak.……这些经典手表,拥有自己的独特气质(含制表技艺、创意、人文思维、历史典故),才会让人记忆深刻,印象永恒,也才能永远地流行,并经常被表厂拿来当作“摇钱树”再度出品复刻版表款。




Vintage Patek Philippe 2526 自动表之王的百达翡丽2526

My love for vintage Patek continues to gather momentum. With the low interest rates from the bank, I have decided to divest my investment into this beautiful PP 2526 from the 1950s. One important reason for my love of pp is it's policy of honoring their vintage timepieces and their clear records of watches sold. Rolex, on the other hand, has no respect for their vintage timepieces, which is really sad!

Initially, I have no intention to get the 2526. When my Sihang Henry requested me to keep a look out for the rare 2526, I began to set my eyes into it. Owing to the porcelain dial, the challenge in the search is to find one in pristine condition with no hair line cracks on the dial.

I have gone through the auction fatalities in 2010 and till May 2011, I have yet to see one appearing. With the opportunity to buy from collector and without the need to pay for the buyer's premium, the 2526 is a bargain... : )


这,就是百多年腕表历史上被公认为自动表之王的百达翡丽2526,很多人也许无法想象,这只最简单小三针的自动表价值等闲过30万,而罕有的铂金版更是过百万! 1953年,PP研发出品牌历史上首款自动机芯12-600AT,这款30石,19800摆/小时的机芯有着整片18K黄金雕花而成的极美丽自动陀,这款机芯的出现比起瑞士最早的自动机芯晚了近20年,但正因PP那求完美,创造机芯艺术品的态度,成就了这自动机芯之王而这机芯在生产7年后停产,总产量只有7100枚,而作为PP第一款自动表的2526,据说总产量只有580只!还有重要一点2526大多是瓷面! 完美的机芯,堂皇而内敛的造型,珍罕的瓷面加上稀少的产量,那2526的高价也就容易理解了。


With the rare double "p" winding crown.

2526 together with my 2552, 3433, 3445...all simple design

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Patek 2526 米白色珐琅盘

短評:琺瑯(enamel)又名搪瓷(porcelain),是覆蓋於金屬製品表面的一種玻璃質物料,主要成份是矽酸鹽化合物。由於琺瑯有不易氧化的特點,只要保養得宜,就算經歷數代,表面色澤仍能保持溫潤細緻,恆久常新,因此早在懷錶年代,琺瑯已被用作製造鐘錶面盤。琺瑯錶盤製作工序極度繁複,生產過程非常耗時,半製成品失敗率接近50%,加上需要全人手製作,富經驗的琺瑯錶盤工匠卻買少見少,根本無法適應近代手錶大量製造的生產模式。雖然近年已甚少錶廠生產琺瑯錶盤,百達翡麗為保存這種極富傳統的製錶工藝,現今仍有維持常規琺瑯手錶的生產。1952年,百達翡麗研製出首枚自動上鍊機芯12'"-600 AT,而2526系列就是首個成功裝嵌(1953年)這枚機芯的腕錶,難怪手錶收藏家對該系列腕錶特別另眼相看!2526系列手錶的估值差別頗大,稀有的寶璣式數目字刻度(製作難度更高)較最常見的石鑿形刻度貴超過一倍,但估值仍不及極罕有的混合式刻度(寶璣字3,6,12加石鑿形)及鑽石刻度系列,反而同樣產量不多的螢光物料刻度(較後期金屬錶盤)版本,估值卻不高;此外,產量較少的玫瑰金、白金及鉑金2526系列,估值較最常見的黃金版本貴一倍以上;極富收藏價值的黑色琺瑯錶盤,估值較象牙白色版本高接近兩倍!如果手錶附加原廠金屬錶帶,更有助提升估值。由於琺瑯錶盤容易因保養不善(主要是碰撞及極端環境造成)而出現極幼細的裂痕(髮裂)、凹陷及變色等情況,如果手錶出現上述問題,腕錶價值將會大跌,甚至乎會出現無人問津的情況,因此放大鏡是買入琺瑯製錶面手錶的重要工具,大家購入前,請緊記仔細觀察琺瑯錶面的狀態。2526系列於1960年停產,由另一經典琺瑯錶面腕錶3428系列所取代。近年2526系列頗受手錶收藏家歡迎,經常有出人意表的拍賣成績,但基於該系列腕錶質素頗為參差,拍賣成交價的波幅極大,因此投資者應避免高價追入(超過港幣50萬元)2526系列各類罕有款式,反而只要拍賣估值低於港幣20萬元,該系列最常見的18k黃金石鑿形刻度象牙白琺瑯錶面款式(質素要良好),最值得投資者買入作長線持有。

二手估值(石鑿形刻度,18k黃金):HK$160,000-$200,000 (2010年4月25日)

二手估值(寶璣字刻度,18k黃金):HK$440,000-$550,000 (2010年4月25日)

二手估值(黑色琺瑯面,18k黃金):HK$560,000-$700,000 (2010年4月25日)


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Patek 2526

The Patek ref 2526 is one of the most desirable Patek. The scarce Patek Philippe 18K gold reference 2526 is a vintage automatic wrist watch with rare porcelain enamel dial produced circa 1950s.

This is the first self-winding wristwatch made by Patek Philippe and was produced in only 580 pieces, including yellow, pink and white gold and platinum. The dial with applied gold markers and gold hands, the signature and minute markers in gold enamel. The reference 2526 is the only Patek wrist watch with a porcelain enamel dial, and not all of this reference number have enamel dials. Calibre 12-600AT rhodium 30 jewel 8 adjustment movement with 18K gold rotor in heavy screwback case. A handsome and rare watch in particularly fine condition.

Depending upon the metal, condition, and dial variation the value of 2526 can range from $15,000 up to $200,000. The watch in 18k yellow ranges from $15,000. to $45,000. The most important factor that affects the value is the porcelain dial. Porcelain is a fragile material, and it has the possibility of cracking if it is mishandled which typically occurs when a watchmaker/butcher gets to the watch. A cracked dial decreases the value of the watch by 40 to 50% which is scary because sometimes it is very difficult to see a hairline even with a 10 power loupe. The next valuation factor is based upon the case condition which are typically very good to excellent with this model. However, sometimes these cases are over polished losing hallmarks and the original form of the watch which could affect the value by 30 to 40%.

There were different series made of the 2526 and the slight variations exists in the porcelain dial. The early generation dial is the most sought-after which can be determined by a small dimple that is noticeable underneath the baton markers. One the later series, the dial markers lay flat on the dial with no dimples underneath. Typically the early generation dial is worth about 10 to 15% more, but I have observed in auctions lately collectors are looking for flawless dials and similar prices have been relised for both dial types.

Overall, the Patek Philippe 2526 has a great case design, a technical movement, historical importance, and was produced with beautiful porcelain material. No wonder this model is highly sought-after and has always maintained and appreciated in value.

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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Patek journey Continues..

I have started to redefine my vintage watch collection by letting go some other brands of watches and focussed my efforts in vintage Patek. I am glad to be in Hong Kong and Taiwan where there are many Patek connoisseurs. As a result, I am still able to find these 1950s,60s vintage Patek in pristine condition.

Having been a die hard vintage Rolex collector, 2011 is a watershed year where my focus is on the ultimate classic. After acquiring some Rolex Prince, bubbleback, and sports models such as explorer 1, 2, submariner 6536, 5508, red 1680, I suddenly have the urge to go for the smaller and thinner in size classic dress watches.

With the Mainland Chinese collectors coming on board the vintage watch scene soon, prices will sure escalates upward.

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Swiss Watch Trust vintage & rare timepieces auction 3 Sept 2011' Hong Kong

Ritz Carlton hotel
Preview: 1-2 Sept 2011
Auction: 3 Sept 2011

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