Monday, June 20, 2011

Vintage Patek Philippe 2526 自动表之王的百达翡丽2526

My love for vintage Patek continues to gather momentum. With the low interest rates from the bank, I have decided to divest my investment into this beautiful PP 2526 from the 1950s. One important reason for my love of pp is it's policy of honoring their vintage timepieces and their clear records of watches sold. Rolex, on the other hand, has no respect for their vintage timepieces, which is really sad!

Initially, I have no intention to get the 2526. When my Sihang Henry requested me to keep a look out for the rare 2526, I began to set my eyes into it. Owing to the porcelain dial, the challenge in the search is to find one in pristine condition with no hair line cracks on the dial.

I have gone through the auction fatalities in 2010 and till May 2011, I have yet to see one appearing. With the opportunity to buy from collector and without the need to pay for the buyer's premium, the 2526 is a bargain... : )


这,就是百多年腕表历史上被公认为自动表之王的百达翡丽2526,很多人也许无法想象,这只最简单小三针的自动表价值等闲过30万,而罕有的铂金版更是过百万! 1953年,PP研发出品牌历史上首款自动机芯12-600AT,这款30石,19800摆/小时的机芯有着整片18K黄金雕花而成的极美丽自动陀,这款机芯的出现比起瑞士最早的自动机芯晚了近20年,但正因PP那求完美,创造机芯艺术品的态度,成就了这自动机芯之王而这机芯在生产7年后停产,总产量只有7100枚,而作为PP第一款自动表的2526,据说总产量只有580只!还有重要一点2526大多是瓷面! 完美的机芯,堂皇而内敛的造型,珍罕的瓷面加上稀少的产量,那2526的高价也就容易理解了。


With the rare double "p" winding crown.

2526 together with my 2552, 3433, 3445...all simple design

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