Thursday, June 09, 2011

Patek journey Continues..

I have started to redefine my vintage watch collection by letting go some other brands of watches and focussed my efforts in vintage Patek. I am glad to be in Hong Kong and Taiwan where there are many Patek connoisseurs. As a result, I am still able to find these 1950s,60s vintage Patek in pristine condition.

Having been a die hard vintage Rolex collector, 2011 is a watershed year where my focus is on the ultimate classic. After acquiring some Rolex Prince, bubbleback, and sports models such as explorer 1, 2, submariner 6536, 5508, red 1680, I suddenly have the urge to go for the smaller and thinner in size classic dress watches.

With the Mainland Chinese collectors coming on board the vintage watch scene soon, prices will sure escalates upward.

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