Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vintage Patek Philippe ref 3433

As you know, I have always been a fan of vintage Rolex. I first entered the world of vintage Patek in 2002 when I first acquired the rectangular Patek using the famous 09/90 movement.

However, after that, my momentum stopped. Following my acquisition of my second Patek Philippe Ref 2522 (from the 1950s) using the first generation automatic last week, I have been totally addicted with the world of Patek. It is interesting to note that this watch is considered "big" (at 35mm) during the 1950s since most watches then were 30 - 33mm in size. The modern watches are now very big at 40-45mm making these watches looked small. Nevertheless, these classic designed watch really looked elegant and timeless..

Having found the first auto movement, i have set myself the mission to search for the second. The second generation Patek movement is the 27-460M movement and I was lucky to have found the ref 3433 (from 1962) in near mint condition together with the Patek achieve paper.

Originally, my thought was to go for the Ref 3445 Patek with a date function. However, I was told that the ref 2522 is a much rarer find as it was still using the special "lacquered" dial that has a shine and dial that will not get tarnished or getting spotted.

To get the Patek in such a short time, I have to let go some of my precious hifi gears... : (

I am looking forward to my 4th Patek, the ref 3445 with date and hopefully, find one in white instead of yellow gold. The search is on... : )
Photos of my dream watch

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