Monday, May 30, 2011

Patek 3445 white gold with date

With the help of Candy, I have managed to find a Patek Philippe White gold 3445 with date in very good condition. The 3445 was produced from 1961-1981 in solid yellow and white gold. Since I already have the 2552 and 3433 in yellow gold, it become natural for me wanting to find a white gold. The simple design is really timeless and nice. This is the second auto movement produced by Patek and is also one of the most beautiful rotor Patek ever built.

History of famous company Patek Philippe began 160 years back, in 1839, when to Geneva officer of the Polish cavalry Antoni Norbert Patek arrived Philip de Pravdzhich, taking part in a revolt during occupation of Bel'vederskogo of palace in Warsaw. Since it was cruelly low-spirited, Patek Philip, as well as thousands of other Poland, rescued from pursuit, was forced to abandon Motherland. Some time he gets a lesson describe vividly for the known landscape-painter A. Kalama, and then carries with horology. Teaming up with other Polish emigrant - watch-maker Fransua Chapekom, Patek Philip registers a sentinel firm, the task of which consisted of that, to survive in a cutthroat competition with other Swiss brands which by that time already were the acknowledged authorities of business sentinel. A young company spares basic attention a design: partners buy for the best producers mechanisms and place them in own corps. In 1845 Chapek walks away from businesses, and Antuan de Patek as a result of searches of new partner meets with Adrienom Filipppom - by the talented French watch-maker, which a revolutionary on sentinel business invention - development of mechanism, led unassisted key belonged to. Partners swore to devote the lives “creation only of the best and dear clock”. Since exclusive design, dear materials, perfection and exactness of the most difficult mechanism, collected by hand, all and singular distinguishes clock of legendary firm Patek Philippe. Exactly combination of these undeniable dignities overmastered the hearts of famous clients of Patek Philippe. In the number of first were Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, in future Patek Philippe became the possessors of clock more than 30 reigning monarchs and four chapters of Roman Catholic Church. At different times works of sentinel and jewelers art of Patek Philippe were owned And. Einstein, Vagner, м. of Curie, Kipling, Sh. Bronte.

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