Saturday, March 14, 2015

Watches swapping

As part of my continuous efforts to reduce the quantities of watches, I have decided to swap these watches for one GMT. It's was a difficult decisions as every piece is unique and has its special features. In the end, my preference is to consolidate my watches and update my GMTs (6542, 1675 gilt, 16700) and now the matt dial 1675). I have not been actively perusing the Sports models but if by chance I come across any nice pieces, I will make the move.

From these:
To this
The overall condition of the watch is nice and It has a silver background date disc with open 6 and 9.

Even though there are many watches that I love, keeping track on them and sending them for servicing has become quite a challenge.

Well, my principal is supposed to be one out before one in. In this instance, it's 4 out for 1 in.. Enjoy 😁😁😊👍

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