Monday, March 30, 2015

Rolex 5508 😊😊😊

Rolex 5508 

Rolex 5508 dating from the second quarter of 1958 is one of the last of the “thin case” James Bond Submariners, and as far as I know was the last Submariner rated to only 100 meters.
The 5508 was a transitional model, using the same case as the 6536 but the later cal 1530 movement with 25 jewels and Kif flector shock protection. As it uses the old style case & dial and the much more modern cal 1530 movement, the 5508 is by far the most usable of the early thin case Submariners.

Two generations of serviced dials. Need a Gilt 5508 😊

For details of this service dial please refer to the forum,+also+nos

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