Saturday, March 28, 2015

Orient vintage SK Divér

I have not posted any watch blog for a week as a respect to our late Prime Minister. 

The SK utilizes the Orient in-house movement Cal. 469---one that Orient has been using since the 1970's---and is VERY reliable (I own 3 Orients with this movement). The other Diver appears to have the same movement---either way, the Cal. 469--is a 21 Jewel, 21,600 BPH, and a 40+ reserve.

The meaning of the numbers on the inner turning bezel 20M, 30 M, 35 M and 40 M in different colors had to do something with non-decompression times 
The meaning of the markings are as follows:
20 M You can stay at 20 M depth during 45 to 60 minutes without decompression
30 M You can stay at 30 M depth during 30 to 45 minutes
35 M  You can stay at 35 M depth during 15 to 30 minutes
40 M  You can stay at 40 M depth during 0 to 15 minutes.

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