Friday, September 26, 2014

Rolex 1005

This is a late 50s-1960s solid 14k gold automatic watch with chronometer. It has a very reliable 1560 movement and the size is a very comfortable size to wear with a nice coin edge bezel. The watch has natural aging and has the classic look. I remembered during the 1988, I would not consider watches from the 1960s as it has less then 30 years of history. 

However, with the passage of times, these 1960s watches have suddenly gained their straps and be admitted in the wall of fame... One reason for getting the watch is due to the good price .. I am lucky to find one would normally pay for a steel or steel,with gold bezelwatch.

Omega seamaster - Jäeger lecoultre alarm - IWC automatic - Rolex Royal - Rolex 1005

Just found a photo of the vintage 1005 from the web with similar spotting in the dial. It seems that these early watches are subjected to spotting...

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