Friday, September 19, 2014

IWC ref 1828

My interest in IWC continues with the original IWC 1828, with cal. 8541B. I must admit that I have seen this watch a couple,of times but it has not caught my interest as such tonneau shape has a love hate relationship. However, after some viewing, I began to appreciate the oyster shape as well as the movement. The Movement has second-stop mechanism for accurate time setting, it is shock resistant and anti-magnetic. Calibre 8541B is one of the best automatic movements ever built in Switzerland. Its Pellaton winding mechanism is well-constructed, and beautifully finished. There is an automatic change of date within a few minutes around midnight. Adjustment of the date is done by moving the hands forwards and one could do a fast change of date by moving the hours between 11-12. As the prices of these IWC are still at a very reasonable range, it gives me great pleasure in hunting the variations of the automatic IWC using the 8541b movements..

Ref 527 &1828

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