Saturday, June 14, 2014

Rolex 6444 Royal quartered dial

The simple Rolex Royal and Speedking were watches that commands much respect during the 1980s-90s among many vintage watch collectors. With the increasing popularity of sports and larger watches, these smaller watches have to some extent been sidelines.

I have found a simple Rolex Oyster Royal Shock Resisting, reference 6444 with manual wind movement and 31mm case excluding crown with special dial. The watch has a serial nos of 206,XXX serial number circa 1956. at 31mm, it is consider small at today's standard but it will be a comfortable watch to wear. As these watches are not in huge demand, the prices have become very reasonable. I can already see a trend among collectors towards smaller and more refined watches vis-a-vis the larger and sporty watches.  

What make this watch unique is the special waffle designed dials in its original condition.

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