Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rolex Explorer1 ref 6610

As metioned earlier, i was actively hunting for a gilt dial 6610. I have finally found a nice condition Rolex 6610 gilt dial Explorer 1 from 1957. I will needn to by usenmy Rolex Thunderbird 1625 + WW2 Pilot Laco watch plus cash to trade. I have come across several Explorer 1 in 5504 version and 1016 version but I have made mistakes by cutting them to friends. 

The Ref. 6150 was replaced by Ref. 6610. The 6610 was equipped with the new Calibre 1030 movement and the original Bubble Back back case was also changed to be flat. The Rolex 6610 , with gilt dial, were only being produced for five years and was replaced by the Explorer Ref. 1016 in 1963. The size of these early watch is very comfortable to wear for everyday use..with the right weight and balance.

The deciding process for this 6610 was not easy as the were two 6610 watches ( yes two) to choose from. The one that I bought and another one with dial that is turning chocolate and with spring bracelet. Originally, my desire  was to go for the one with the spring bracelet with dial condition turning brown (and showing signs of flaking) plus there was some corrosion at the back case.

After deep consideration, I reminded myself that the fever for chocolate dial or the tropical dial is something of a man made fever. My rational mind keeps reminding me to take the watch in better condition, better dial and better case.

Perhaps these decision making process are part of the fun as it really test one's preference and core values in vintage watch collection.

There are many sellers who came up with fanciful name in their efforts to better promote the watches. Faded gilt dial is called tropical, Pepsi or chocolate dial. Normal White Sea dweller, some called it the great white), the cracked 5513 dial is known as the spider dial, the colored dial for day date is now the Stella... Etc. all these fanciful names were not used in the 80s-90s and early year 2000.

In the end, the choice is up to the individual of course. However, if one wants to buy a Ming dynastic antique vase, will he choose one that is in perfect condition or one that has been wormed out by weather and in less then ideal condition? In the past for vintage watch collection, the earlier collectors were going after watches in perfect conditions despite the age.... Food for thought...Haha


Even though I need to sacrifice a few watches to exchange for this 6610, I have no problem with it as my collection is getting huge and its a good time to streamline my collection by down sizing them for easy management. Looks like I am going to start my operation streamlining soon...

For the “Red Depths” 6610:

Serial 114XXX….i56

Serial 1139XX…i56

Serial 114XXX…..i56

Serial 168xxx ii56

Serial 1142XX…i56


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