Saturday, July 27, 2013

Rolex 6556 Tru Beat - a great way to celebrate my quarter century of vintage watch collecting..

,In my 25 years of watch collecting, I have came across 3-4 Tru beat of which non is having the jumping mechanism. It is very difficult to find one that is in working condition as the model was not popular and I guess Rolex has later on removed the mechanism responsible for the jumping function in most of the 6556.

No one can imagine that these small mechanism can costs as much as HK$40000! There are many watch that needed these mechanism in order to revive the Tru Beat in their Rolex.

I am fortunate to find one in very good condition where the Tru beat still jump to the beat and behave like a modern day quartz watch. In fact, I have seen 2 nice condition Tru Beat that is functioning at a small vintage watch shop near my home. It was a difficult choice as one has a nicer movement (my current one) while the other has a perfect dial. In the end, owing to the price differences, I have chosen the former, which has some aging on dial but with perfect 1040 movement. 
The movement is in a pristine condition since it production day of 1956, one year younger then my 6610.
Even though the 6556 looks like an ordinary Rolex Oyster, I guess only the true watch connoisseur will appreciate its inner beauty.. Goodbye speakers and hello 6556...this watch shall be a gift in celebration of my quarter century of vintage watch collecting..

In summary, the Trubeat is using Calibre 1040, 25 jewels, screw down case back, three-part case, plastic crystal, screw-down case back, Twinlockcrown, stainless steel Rolex Oyster bracelet (ref. 7205), case,Diameter: 35 mm.

 Enjoy! Real blessed!

Different varieties of dials..

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