Thursday, March 28, 2013

Return of the Prince

Afer much waiting, my new Prince has arrived from overseas. Once received, I immediately sent the watch for a complete overhaul and today, the watch has finally returned. As mentioned previously, The vintage Prince series watches are always one of the few hidden diamonds as these watches are under value at the moment.

There are many reaos why one should collect the Prince. Firstly, it is one of the few iconic watches of Rolex, i.e. the Doctor's watch. ( 手錶面盤上除了時分面盤外,另外還有一獨立分離秒針面盤 (換句話說,其錶面為Dual Dial 設計) ,可以方便醫護人員測量脈搏的手錶。)

Secondly, the Prince is one of the successful rectangular movement of Rolex and is time with 6 positions. The Prince is a very elegant dress watch that will not fade with time..When I wear it on my wrist, it fits perfectly with my writs that I don't feel that I am wearing a watch, which is a nice advantage for those who does not like o wear a watch..

Looking at my down sizing of my vintage hifi gears in order to generate funds for these watches, I have no regret as my true love has always been collecting vintage watches. Vintage hifi gears are nice but require much time and efforts in maintaining which I currently do not have the luxury to do so.

Love watches...

"The room is quiet except for the tic-tic of the doctor's watch.
My nail is bleeding. I put my finger to my mouth and taste salt blood on my tongue."
From “Confessions From Suburbia” by Jennifer Bredl

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1. The Gruen Watch Company by Paul Schliesser
2. Rolex's Charming Prince by Michael Friedberg of Timezone

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