Friday, October 28, 2011

Patek Philippe 3940 - discontinued model

I really love the discontinued PP 3940.The best part of the pp3940 is that the watch is so slim 36mm diameter and yet it is able to have a grand complication of perpetual calender plus automatic movement and a power reserve of 48 hours from the 1980s. This is really one of the modern Classic now. In addition, it is a very comfortable daily us watch that rest very nicely on the the vintage Rolex Prince..

To get this watch, I have to let gold one solid gold Rolex bubbleback and one vintage 1910 Omega single button chronograph & a Patek 3445 white gold..

This watch was produced and sold in 1988 (when I am still in the University) and I will not be able to afford it then.

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