Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rolex Submariner in service center - Waiting for the bracelet

I have not been active with vintage watch collection for the past 3 years since I moved to work and stay in Hong Kong. My "renewed interest" in vintage watches started as a result of seeing my fellow colleague Domink's Rolex 1680 red submariner one day.

It reminded me that I have a similar "red" submariner somewhere. My 1680 is without a proper bracelet. I took the watch to the Rolex center in Hong Kong, and after waiting for 3 weeks, the watch is being verified and an order has been placed for the metal bracelet. The watch was purchased at US$3000 (about HK$23,400) and it is currently being retailed at US$13,000 (about HK$104,000). Not a bad "investment" 345% increase in values !

Once the bracelet is here, I shall safe keep this 37 years old watch (1971) and wait for JJ to turn 21 and give him this watch in 2018! By then, the watch will be 47 years old : ) 

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