Monday, July 07, 2008

20th aniversary of watch collection (1998 - 2008)

Time flies very quickly!

I have been collecting vintage watches since 1988 when I was still in school. I remember vividly that I have to sell away my hi-fi system, and many other things to raise money to buy my vintage watch.

This moonphase has very special meaning as it was my first "expensive" vintage watch. It was expensive as I was a student then. I can still remember the joy of owning the watch and wearing it to University. Many of my school mates were wearing the then funky and latest Tag Heuer and everyone remembered the slogan "Don't Crack Under Pressure), while I was the only odd one out wearing a vintage 1950s watch.

This watch is still with me as it will have a special meaning in my heart! 20 years has passed! Within these 20 years, many things and people have changed. This watch still remain the same. When I brought the watch home, the watch was 40 years old. Now, the watch is 60 years old!

I am glad that after 20 years, vintage watch collection still continues to give me the joy and happiness! The joy of "searching and finding" is really beyond words can describe! Many of my friends have already given up the hobby ...and I hope my son JJ can pick up this hobby together!

BE happy! : )

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