Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rolex Quarter Century Club

Rolex Quarter Century Club

This Rolex Quarter Century club was a hard earned watch as one has to work for Eaton department store for a period of 25 years in order to be officially presented with this watch as a token of apprectaion for long service.

The 1/4 century club starts from the 1900s to till the 1970s as it started with the Pocket watches, to Rolex Prince, hand wind till the final automatic movement.

I was told that the watch is in 14k to signify 1/4 and most of the watches I have seen are in 14k. Have not seen an 18k model yet..

How many can work for 25 years in one company in modern days?


OysterWatcher said...

erroneous information. These did come in 18k and 14k, in pocket watch, in bombe and non-bombe round wristwatch cases and in rectangular Prince issue. The only caution I would make is that in the very early 1900s, 1/4 watches were non-Rolex movement, and in the mid- to late- 60s, Eaton's stopped using Rolex movements as well because they were too pricey.

But for sure, 1/4 Century has to do with the 25 years service and nothing to do with the gold content.

Francis Phua said...

Perhaps, but I have yet to come across 18k Quarter Century club watch..

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