Saturday, July 02, 2016

West end military

West End Watch Co. was originally formed by Arnold Charpié. The marque was purchased in 1886 by Constant Droz and Arnold Amstutz who developed the brand via their sales centres in Bombay and Calcutta, India. In 1917, Arnold Amstutz established a company in Geneva, Switzerland, which took control of the brand. West End Watches were very popular with British troops in India and the Middle East during the First World War and one was reputedly purchased by Lawrence of Arabia. The Sowar (which means "warlike" in Hindustani) model spearheaded the range since its introduction in 1934.

It comes with a protective shield

Even though these are relatively cheap watches, but to look for nice condition with original dial and early handwind version is a good challenge. The watch dial has a shining effect making it looking like the much desire gilt dial. For those who wants to play with watch with a gilt dial, military watch with dust cover, at an affordable prices, these may be a good option. The later West End versions come with date and automatic.

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