Saturday, March 12, 2016

Elgin WW2 military watch

This is an original Elgin WW2 Military issued watch with original military marking on the case back which I have traded using my Chrome heart bracelet. 

This US manufactured “Ordnance Dept” timepiece is typical of the format for military issued watches for the US armed forces. Elgin, Waltham, Hamilton and Bulova were the suppliers of the watches. Each manufacturer used different mechanical movements (including different number of jewels), black and white dials.

These are typically called "Garrison Watches" and were used by support troops and in non-combat roles. They do not "hack" and are sometimes seen in non-water resistant cases. Hamilton also produced a version using their 987 6/0 movement. Some said that This type of Ord. Dept. watches were also  issued to ground troops during WW2, whether it be Army or Marine troops. The sub-second white dial is a hallmark of these amazing military watches. 

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