Sunday, February 28, 2016

IWC mark XI

The IWC mark XI 

It can be regarded as one of the most classic military watch, a model with a high-quality professional tool watch. MARK XI production started in 1948  and was in active service till about 1979 and it conformed to the British Ministry of Defence (Ministry of Defence, MoD) models of military regulations . 

The IWC MARK XI have been adopted by the various British Commonwealth Air Force in England and Wales , Australia, New Zealand , South Africa and Canada , as well as Quantas Air 's crew . Each different dials and the back case marking represents different National Air Forces and year of deliveries. As such, there are many variations of IWC Mark XI.

Almost all of the MARK XI are orders from UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) or provincial air defense (AM) and orders were placed to London, Goldsmith & Silversmith Co., Ltd. (which was later renamed G & S to Garrards), which in turn ordered via and IWC and Jaeger-LeCoultre ( another watch factory that also produced Mark XI)

Gathering the information from a Taiwanese website on vintage watches, It is said that most early MARK XI had 36mm size , chromed case styles , but most visible, are 35mm in stainless steel case , stop second movements ( the majority ) . Then according to experts say , MARK XI has been tested as per British observatory level, not in Switzerland , but the NPL ( National Physical Laboratory ) in Kew , southwest London.

As such,  those dial with the Encircled T ( T have labeled the circle ) should be from the 1960s. The early 1950s , the British Ministry of Defense realized the radiation harm on the human body, so many of the early watch dials that have military radioactive luminous paint were recalled, some of the dials were destroyed, some fitted with newly re-create dials, while others will redone and painted on non-radioactive materials.

These reproduced by the UK Ministry of Defence or reconditioned dials were called the MoD Dial. Owing to the historical background factors , these dials were still considered " the original dial ." By collectors.

In IWC Mark XI, for example, from 1948 years to the beginning of 1950 those watches that were not recalled for replacement of dials  ( due to the special anti-magnetic soft iron -based material ) there is no King's Arrow and Circled T, and under 6 o'clock shall be marked T SWISS T. As MoD Dial, you generally have King's Arrow and Circled T, but only under the 6 o'clock SWISS. It should be noted , King's Arrow "/ l \" mark on the printed when some Swiss factory- printed , some British defense.

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