Saturday, February 06, 2016

Gub cal 28.1

For an untrained eyes, this is a piece of junk. I have been looking for the Lange GUB watch with caliber 28.1 for a while and this is a watch for ture watch connoisseurs as its small in size, not sport watch and with an aged dial. 

As seen from the previous post, it was one the in house movement of Lange before the division of Germany into East and West Germany. Even though the watch is found in used condition, I like it very much as it as the vintage all original look. In addition, the dial has stated "Germany" instead of West Germany or East Germany, meaning that the watch was produced between the division of Germany. Moreover, the movement nos is very early making this an early example of the watch manufactured using the cal 28.1.

There are many reconditioned dial for this model and for me, originality is key...lucky, I have sold off one simple diver watch earlier in order to fulfill my one out and one in policy...😊

The "Q1" marking, which you'll see on both Lange VEB and GUB watches with the Cal 28.1inside translates to "A1", meaning they contain movements of the highest standards.

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