Saturday, November 01, 2014

Oyster Pioneer

After my secondment to Bangkok plus the hassle of packing and moving, I have promised myself not to buy another more watch unless I am able to sell one before I can one in in order to keep the number of watches under control. This afternoon, I was fortunate to be able to trade my IWC automatic date for this original dial with Arabic numerals , reflective minute track, red 24 hour military track, and blued steel hands, Oyster Pioneer. 

In Canada, the model names include Centregraph, Raleigh, Victory, Lipton, Pioneer and many were marketed to WWII soldiers in Canada and other Commonwealth countries. The cases tended to be either steel or gold filled. This 1940s watch is made by ROLEX for the Canadian market only and these watches were sold at PX military stores in WW2 to soldiers going overseas. The smaller case size made them less like to be damaged during battle. It uses the caliber 59 ROLEX.

I remebered dring the late 1980s, I used to own the Canadian Oyster but has sold it along the way. I am glad to be able to find one and trade one back after 20 years... Bring back fond memories.. These watches are becoming scare nowadays, especially for those in good conditions.

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