Friday, March 21, 2014

Vintage Omega Constellation cal 504

I must admit I have never been a collector of vintage Omega as my focus has always been for Rolex and this year Seiko. In 2006, I have collected a few vintage Omegas but I have streamlined my collection and sold all away except those with special dials.

Recently, I have a sudden urge to look for a good Vintage Omega that is representative of the watch. Following my research, I have realized that the Cal504 is quite rare as it is the earliest automatic with date. I have set myself a target of collecting a solid gold constellation, a steel & gold and a complete steel constellation using the rare cal 504.

Being a collector has its advantage as the watch connections can help to find..

Below is a sold gold Omega constellation with the rare pan pie dial in solid gold, and hours minutes and second hands also in solid gold. This is perhaps the most prestigious Omega watch during that time.

Many of the logo of the constellation tended to be fairly worn out but this piece is still in very nice condition..

■廠牌/款式(型號)/年份: Omega 星座 Constellation ca.1960's 
■機芯: 雙向自動上鍊; 24石天文台Cal.504 (鵝頸式微調,5方位及溫差校正) 
■功能: 時、分、秒,日曆指示 
■錶殼:18K黃金錶殼; 壓入式防水底蓋; 原裝錶冠 
■鏡面/錶盤: Plastic鏡面; 原裝18K金面盤,八卦面蒼蠅字時標 
■錶徑(不含錶冠)/錶長/錶耳寬: 34.5mm/ 44mm/ 18mm 
■錶帶(鍊)/帶扣:  原廠包金帶扣

這是一支「曲耳八卦面蒼蠅字」cal 504,18K金星座錶,多年前聽到我的師傅李先生說這一支是多麼多麼值得收藏。二十幾年來雖然記在心中,時時留意,但還真的不容易找到. 過了廿年終於找到了. 

Cal. 501和505是比較普遍的款式,Cal. 504 應該算是「第一只帶日曆的星座」!廠方很慎重其事的加上"CALENDAR"英文字樣. 這只是豪華版的Cal. 504,除了18K黃金錶殼外,還用了厚重的18K金「八卦面」,加上K金「蒼蠅字」,感覺金碧輝煌。把表戴上心中非常感思! 謝謝,!


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