Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy gathering

This evening, I have spent some time to reflect on my direction of vintage watch collection for 2014. I have started with the dress watch Grand Seiko as I was very impressed with its hi beat movements produced from the 1960s. From the dress watch hi beats, I next evolved to collect the divers high beat ( the 6159-7010) and the specials 6159-7001 and slowly almost all the range of the Seiko divers, with some in duplications.

Lately, I remebered that I used to own a pink gold cap Omega Seamaster in 1991 when I first graduated from University and I paid S$500 (1/4 of my pay) for the watch. However, the watch was returned to the shop as the black dial was reconditioned. From then on, I focussed my attention mainly to Rolex.

With the crazy prices especially for the vintage Rolex sports models, my attention therefore has shifted to look for watches that are still values for money ( example the Grand Seiko, the Seiko divers etc which are extremely hard to find in good condition.) You can always buy a Rolex Daytona when you have the cash but you may not be able to find a Seiko 6159-7001 hi beat divers even if you have the cash.

After getting the Seiko 6159-7001 and the 6159-7010, and the 62Mas, my drive for more Seiko divers started to diminished leading to my switch to the understated Omega Constellation, which was the highest grade Omega at that time. The Omega 300, 120, Spedmaster prices have all been escalated owing to the popularity of sports watches and these dress watches were very often neglected, which is a good thing as the are still bargains to pick..... Enjoy!

Just send my watches for servicing..


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