Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rolex Milgauss 1019 (1963 - 1989)

Recently, I have sold off most of my hifi gears following the house move. In addition, I have also cut love one of my precious Patek 2552 to Ken since I have already have the PP first and second generation 2526 and the 3113.
My original intention is to get a Double red sea dweller. However, the seller has sold the watch. As such, I will have to settle for the next best, the late 1960s milagauss

Milgauss...has a very simple and common look. The Milgauss has a 1580 movement, with the special M movement nos, a social shield cover and a rather big case. Given the trend for bigger watch, the Milgauss at size 38mm is perfect for todays's taste and preference. In addition, the simple zen design is also timeless and elegant..what do you think?

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