Saturday, August 18, 2012

Investment & saving

I am not familiar with investment in stocks and shares, gold or commodities. As such, besides buying the usual insurance and trust funds, I spent all my saving in watches.
I used to invest in vintage hifi equipments but owing to the need for constant maintenance, huge storage place, time plus my lack of electronics knowledge, I have decided to sell away all my vintage equipments to audiophiles who has knowledge and passions.

With the clearing away of my vintage hifi gears ( and keeping only one simple set for daily use), I have redirected all my funds in the purchase of vintage timepieces, whom i believe Is a right choice as I love watches : )

My major find for 2012 includes the Rolex 8171 Moonphase, Rolex 16550 cream explorer 2, Rolex 1624 and 6609 thunderbirds, Gruen jump hour doctor's watch and the Rolex 1019 Milgauss.

Yesterday, I have managed to find a great condition hooded bubbleback 3065 made for the US market. This is my second hooded bubbleback after 20 years. My first was a pink gold & steel and this is yellow gold and steel version.

I have always loves the Rolex bubblebacks as these are the pioneer series leading to the current Rolex series. During the 90s, these watches were very sought after and expensive. Owing to the demand for bigger sports watches now, these less in demand vintage pieces have become very affordable. My own believe is that the trend for smaller watches will make a comeback some years from now. Collecting the "unpopular" items may be a good investment strategy...what do you think?

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