Monday, April 27, 2009

Vintage Rolex ref 6084 Semi bubbleback

I am lucky to find this lovely vintage 1950s Rolex semi bubbleback with special enamel cloisonne dial. The enamel cloisonne dial was popular during the 1950s..

Some information with regards to the Peacock:

The Peacock
In many cultures, the symbol of the peacock is considered auspicious and protective. The peacock is associated with the Middle Eastern deity Tammuz; in Greece it was sacred to Hera, queen of heaven and lawful wife of Zeus - a pair of them drew her chariot.

In the old Chinese bureaucratic system, members of the third highest level displayed a peacock as the insignia of rank. These badges were in the form of large embroidered squares applied to the front of an official's formal gown. A similar system for indicating status was used in the Byzantine Empire.

Peacocks are considered sacred in India, especially in the north where its feathers may be burnt to ward off disease, and even to cure snakebite.

In the iconography of European alchemy and hermeneutics, the peacock represents the soul. In Christianity, it stands for immortality and the incorruptibility of the soul. It is also an obvious solar symbol because of the resemblance between the rays of the sun and the circular fan of the tail in full display.

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