Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good Old Days~~

I remember the early 1980s when I first started vintage watch collection in Singapore, the key areas of activities were at Sungei Road, Rochor areas where watch "trading" were done at the local coffee shop.

Later, the many new POS started to appear: examples Old Old days, Eddie Antique watch, Antique Watch corners, Passion, Monster Time, Ray Antique etc. The 1980s and early 90s were the golden years of vintage watch collection, a trend set up by Chow Yuen Fatt and others. Rolex Prince, bubblebacks, moon phase watches were the core collections at that time.

After the 97s financial crisis, and the SARs, many of these nice vintage watch shops have closed with only a handful remaining..

With the internet and ebay, plus the current financial crisis, what will happen to vintage watch collection?

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