Thursday, October 19, 2006

Vintage Patek Philippe meets "new" Patek

Old Patek meets "new" Patek!

This is a rare 1930s vintage Patek Philippe using the L9-90 movement which I ahve found in Taipei Mr Wang Jun Long's shop during my posting t Taiwan in 2002. Most Patek Philippe watches are in round shape which made this a rare find. In addition to being made with a solid gold case, the watch dial has 11 diamonds markers.
According to Patek Philippe, a lot of 100 NOS caliber 9-90 tonneau movements were found during the workshop departement move to Plan Les Ouates in 1996. With these NOS movements, gave birth to one of two new anniversary watches to celebrate the new Patek Philippe salon. Ref. 5105, a rectangular platinum watch.. old wine in new bottle!


azlan MD said...

hi Francis,

you are such a lucky guy to have those beautiful beautiful BEAUTIFUL vintage watches & pens. i really respect you on that. i love all your collections ( the watches especially). Congratulation for those really beautiful collections.

im azlan MD, 35, a pharmacist frm Malaysia. i been collecting mine since last 2 yrs, but it is really hard to earn such lovely watches over here. right now im earning 2 rolex; oyster royal & oyster perpetual date, 3 omega; 2 seamaster & a speedmaster apollo, an oris, a triple-date movado & a moonphase zodiac.

im looking foward to learn more about the vintage watches. hope you dont mind sharing your knowledge with me.

for your info, i ve been looking at your collections over & over & over again ( & dreaming to ve a collection just like yours too) :-)

it s really good, at least for me, to ve a look at your collections. Lucky you man.

azlan MD

Francis Phua said...


I love watches especially vintage ones!

To start a collection, plan what do you want to collect first (i.e Military theme watches? Moonphase watches? or by brands..

Let's keep in touch!

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