Monday, July 03, 2017

Vintage ZRC series 3

Lately, I have been asking myself what should be my focus. Given the high prices of vintage Rolex sports models, it does not make sense to buy them at such prices any more. As such, I have decided to collect some small micro brands with history as my core collection and the ZRC is my current focus as I love the design and the diving history it has with the French divers. 

This is a vintage ZRC series with date in leather strap from one of my regular dealer from France. The overall condition  is quite nice with clean dial and a relatively clean bezel as well as many of the bezels tended to have scratches owing to usage. This watch will fit nicely with my small ZRC collection consisting of the ZRC Spartiale, ZRC series 2 and another series 3 without date. Given the rarity of the ZRC, I couldn't resist getting this. Just wondering if I should get a bracelet to upgrade it as a project or leave it as it is?

This shall be my last watch for the year unless I can sell off some watches.

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