Thursday, November 03, 2016

Vintage Patek Philippe watches

Vintage Patek Philippe watches

As can seen from my photos, I have not been able to acquire any new vintage Patek Philippe since 2011. Many of the PP collectors are unwilling to let go their precious PP. Given the limited number in circulations, one has to wait for the right watch and be prepared to pay high prices for them. Vintage PP enjoys a very differnt status as each watch can be traced back to the date with certified archieve papers from Patek. PP takes pride in documenating all their references as well as serial nos for authentication and record. Moreover, many of the PP watch owners are so rich that they do not often sell away their watches, making collecting them a great challenge...

Patek Ref 09/90, 2526,3433, 2552, 3445

My favouite ref 2526. The Patek Philippe reference 2526 was introduced in the early 1950s and is considered it to be the most iconic time only wristwatch by many collectors. The case design of the watch is timeless as newer Patek Philippe models were molded after the 2526 especially Patek's reference 5035 and 5036. The 2526has a thickness of seven millimeters and a water resistant style screw down back. The ref 2526 is famous for its "porcelain" dial and 30 jewel automatic caliber 12-600 AT movement which includes and 18k large gold rotor. The 12-600 was Patek Philippe's first automatic movement which has always been a great timekeeper.

Instead of the typical metal dial from that period, the 2526 porcelain dial of the watch has a beautiful ivory color with baton markers and sub-seconds together  ch is famous for its double "P" logo as opposed to Patek's famous Calatrava crest logo. I was told that only 600 pieces were produced in all the metals


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