Thursday, April 14, 2016

Vintage Omega Geneve automatic

As a history student, I am always fascinated with vinatge watch with history. I am very lucky to be able to know a great collector of items from DPRK, Democratic People Republic of Korea, I.e. North Korea.

From the collector, I have managed to find a real and official Kim Il Sung Omega watch from DPRK. My search for this watch has been on going for a while and finally, my wishes come true. The watch had been proofed real Omega item from Omega Service Centre (Hong Kong). This OMEGA wristwatch is a Swiss Made timepiece from the 70s! it was given to government officials and diplomats of North Korea. As per the news below, for Kim IL Sung's 60th birthday in 1972, he has presented watches to his key VIPs and officials.

Vintage Automatic Men's Wristwatch OMEGA Geneve KIM IL SUNG Signature
Movement type : 23 Jewels Swiss High Grade 1022 made by OMEGA
CASE diameter : 35mm without the crown ; 
18mm from lug to lug Original glass and crown with Omega logoDate&Day function in Korean

The watch is engraved in Korean with Kim Il-Sung's signature - The first North Korean dictator of the Kim Dynasty These limited edition watches was ordered to Omega from Pyoung-Yang specially for 60's birthday anniversary of Kim Il-Sung in 1972. Its the one of the few that exists, custom ordered for special occasions like head of state visits and presented to high ranking foreign officials(Head of state and delegacy,senior diplomatic representative and similar). Kim Il Sung was the first leader in the Kim dinasty of North Korea and ruled from its establishment 1948 till his death in 1994. He was declared as "eternal President" also know as the "Great Leader" or controversely as a communist dictator.  

The is another watch whose origin is from Yugoslavia at that time, as North Korea and Yugoslavia had close diplomatic relations nurtured by the two leaders Josip Broz Tito and Kim Il-Sung. This watch is perhaps one of the most controversial watch for Omega.


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